Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Talk About Focusing on a Niche

At my Firm, we focus on a few niches - SEC auditing, franchisors/franchisees, broker/dealers and increasingly restaurant groups.  But we still do lots of work that doesn't fall in any of those niches.

Which made an experience I had yesterday make me think about this.

We're located in Detroit, but almost all of our niche clients are located outside of Detroit.  We travel a lot.  And it looks like I'm going to Russia and possibly China sometime in the next month.

I went yesterday to a place called Passport Health Michigan which I think is a franchise of Passport Health USA.  My partner and one of our staff went there last year for immunizations before a trip to China, and now it was my turn.

What an incredible experience.  I called to make my appointment, and they asked me where I was going.  I arrived a couple of hours later, and they had a spiral bound document for me with all of the information I could possibly need for travelling to Russia and China.  The document included:
  • Recommended immunizations
  • Health issues
  • Travel tips
  • General information about the countries
  • Visa requirements
  • And more
The nurse operating the office was incredibly knowledgeable and helped me make informed decisions about what shots to get.  In case I go to China, I got pills to prevent malaria.  They had diarrhea kits (ok unpleasant subject) but I got some pills just in case.  They also had other kits and travel accessories.  
Essentially, it was a one stop place to find out everything I needed to know before going on these trips.

This is giving me a lot to think about.  We are very good at the niches we focus on.  As auditors, can we be more "one stop" all you need to know like this business?  I haven't figured that one out yet.

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Contract Accountant said...

Understanding the needs of a particular niche is a good way to get started, as business grows its best to master other niches.